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We're sure that you'll agree that with 1000's of BuyToLet Mortgage products avaialable, it would be very difficult for you to search out every BuyToLet Mortgage...

...and even if you find one you like the look of, did you know that some BuyToLet Mortgage deals that look good, are not necessarily the best?


We've made it exceptionally easy for you to find a pension mortgage!

A pension Mortgage is designed to mature on retirement. With a pension mortgage, an interest only Mortgage is taken out and, at retirement, the tax-free lump sum that can be taken from the pension scheme is used to pay off the mortgage. You can then draw a pension from the balance of the fund. If the proceeds of the pension don't achieve the amount expected, there could be a shortfall. A pension mortgage, although tax-efficient, is not suitable for everyone.

There are a range of pension mortgages to choose from.

We have access to specialist and exclusive pension Mortgage deals and financial products that aren't available to the general public and we're proud to be able to advise you on the whole of the UK mortgage, remortgage and secured loan market.

We also have full access to specialist, industry Mortgage and remortgage search software that will provide you with the information to help you make the best decision as to which type of pension Mortgage you need, which pension Mortgage lender you should use and which are the most attractive pension Mortgage deals


Expert financial advisers will help you avoid making a costly mistake when comparing pension mortgages.

They have access to specialist and exclusive deals with some of the most competitive rates available. You may be able to save £100's each month if you can secure a lower rate pension mortgage.

Our brokers provide a pension Mortgage comparisons service for both homeowners and 1st time buyers and, unlike many other financial advisers, your broker will be able to advise on the whole of the UK Mortgage market - that's over 200 lenders.

Your broker will also have access to competitive rates on many Mortgage products that the public cannot get by going directly to the lender.

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The Mortgage Mix is an independent website designed with the aim of helping you find the best BuyToLet Mortgage rates and most suitable BuyToLet Mortgage for your circumstances.

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Contact a professional for FREE to ask for help in finding the most suitable BuyToLet Mortgage. Your adviser will provide up-to-date rates on many "hidden" BuyToLet Mortgage products that you cannot get access to by going directly to lenders.

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They'll answer your questions and supply FREE one-to-one BuyToLet Mortgage comparisons from the whole of the market - that's over 200 different lenders.

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Complete the very short form below to ask a question or request contact. An FCA registered BuyToLet Mortgage adviser (not a call centre) will help you with your decision as to which BuyToLet Mortgage is best.

Your enquiry is ABSOLUTELY FREE with NO-OBLIGATION TO PROCEED - in fact your adviser may even advise you to stick with your current mortgage, if you already have one.


NO-OBLIGATION. Contact a Mortgage professional now and discover how much can you save. Expert financial advisers will help you avoid making a mistake when choosing your pension mortgage...

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